Gini P

Once upon a time, Gini P was my guest at an Organizer on the Road Show. The Universe granted me a privilege I hope I never fail to appreciate. Gini, 80+ years youthful, only this year embarked on the adventure of becoming a published poet, and formed a writers’ support group to craft a novel. She is a gardener, one of my best intelligence officers (the darling monitors everything from Angie’s List to websites which calculate the value of donations for tax purposes) and a cherished pen pal about anything from our love lives to the weather.

Dawn's Flowers

My clients tell me I give them hope. They give me spirit. I haven’t a clue who is given the greater gift, if either. And the flowers are from a very close friend who lets me cry on her shoulder. She sent them to me when I passed the CPO exam – that time, tears of relief. I was terrified I wouldn’t pass. Friendship also keeps us young.

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