Go Huskies! And Cougs! and WWU and CWU…

My son is a student at Western Washington University. Proud Mom of course signs up for the newsletter. And is stunned and delighted when there is a quiet mention of a career clothing bank. Intrigued, I took a look at University of Washington. DITTO. Washington State University -score! Central Washington University – wildcats roar with compassion.


I’m gonna guess that if I’d taken a look at more higher education institutions, I would have seen more such innovative ways to serve college students.


Other young people are in need as well:


the Juvenile Justice Clothing Shop in King County, which helps young, probably terrified defendants, and their families, present themselves with dignity in front of a Court.

Tumwater School District maintains a clothing bank for its students and their families

Snohomish School District


I know I’ve seen mention of others over time.


If you can’t bring yourself to make a donation to a “Big Box” charity – which is your right! – get creative, target your donations more directly. Who knows what you’ll find. And how much more satisfying the giving will be.

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