Grab positive with both fists

I think the Universe heard me screaming in rage and kicking my file cabinet because a college chum, a mate I can talk to once a year and it’s as if the conversation is just carrying on in a roiling rush of words from the day before, is very sick with presumed COVID19. Seconds later, I got an email from my mostest-favoritest-ever attendee at an Organizer on the Road Show, as always proudly sharing a new organizing tip she’s discovered. I’ve been worried about Gini P, and now I know she’s OK.


Grab positive with both fists right now. Write it in 3-foot-tall letters and tape it to your walls, your doors and your mirrors. Fix it as a screensaver to your phone and computer. Put it on your nightstand, the middle of the dining room table. Refer to ANYTHING you love, whether it’s your most treasured plant in your garden, a pet, a grandchild, a book you read at least once a year. “What” does not matter as long as it matters to you. I just had a picnic with my son. The wobbly, cheap, ungainly grill we used will be bronzed when its bottom rusts out. Until then, I’ve got a photo of it in my memory.


Be safe. Be well.

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