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The Client Side – I love this review as advice for anyone thinking of hiring an Organizer, forget whether someone chooses to work with me or not!!! Robin has so perfectly captured how a pro can help, I’m in awe. If the process can’t be fun, it (almost, grin) might not be worth it. Lauren

“Faced with what felt like an overwhelming task, I hired Lauren for a few hours to jumpstart a major purge of stuff in my garage. If I were to describe her in a word I’d say, “eager” — eager to help, advise, and do whatever you need to get the job done. As we made our way through the stuff, we developed a rhythm. I was in control of what stayed and went, and Lauren finished up the loose ends (packing up fragile donations, tossing items, hauling stuff out to the car.) This allowed me to move much more quickly than I would have on my own. (It’s so easy to get bogged down in the minutia.) That momentum is invaluable when you’re trying to jettison lots of stuff. After we were done, I continued to work on my own and had a HUGE haul for the junk removal guys. This was a great process– highly recommend you work with Lauren in a similar way if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed but capable. She’s a pleasure to chit chat with while you spring clean. I feel lighter having done this! Go for it!” Robin T., Kirkland, April 2018


Oh, and minutia. Organizers LOVE minutia.

Bazaar Kathmandu Nepal

This is a bazaar in Kathmandu, Nepal. Exquisite minutia?



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