Hot Air Balloons and Chasing the Moon

I used to live in a neighborhood where feckless hot air balloon tour operators routinely tried to tear the roofs off of houses. My son and I made a sport of chasing them to see where they’d land. You could never plan chasing a balloon: those flights are always subject to the whims of the wind and the pilots.

I also chase the moon. Sunday May 15 was a Super Flower Blood Moon, including a lunar eclipse. I’ve finally chased enough moons that I CAN plan those races. No roaming hills and climbing dales at a leisurely pace, I wanted first place. I went direct to the route that I know gives me a glimpse, and timed my travels perfectly to the orb’s rise. And so it rained. Poured really.


“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” Robert Burns, “To A Mouse”

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