How Play Can Save The World – Jeff Harry & Lauren Yee

How Play Can Save The WorldJeff Harry & Lauren Yee chatted with Alyea Sandovar during the 2021 Playful Creative Summit with a goal to provide tools to heal personal and professional relationships. They caution, as Douwe van der Werf cautioned, it’s not easy – the foundation to healing can often start with difficult conversations. Avoid mysteries – if you want to talk with someone DON’T proclaim “WE NEED TO TALK.” Drama generates fear. Suggest “I’d like to talk about x, y and z. Can we set a time to chat?” Practice the discussion in advance.


Give your conversation partners opportunities to learn your perspective – let them be curious about it. Strange word, curious, for conversations, but effective. Don’t come in with an intention of winning the conversation. Enter it with a goal of being understood. Harry and Yee cite “active listening” techniques as very effective tools for progress. Active listening isn’t something you’ll master overnight, as the Center for Creative Leadership explains in its article Use Active Listening Skills to Coach Others, but it is absolutely worthwhile.


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I hope I summarized Harry and Yee’s ideals accurately.


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