How to Clean Practically Anything

How to Clean Practically Anything


Alright, I’m cheating here.  I have the 1996 edition of How to Clean Practically Anything, by the Editors of Consumer Reports  – WHICH I still use, and which was already in its fourth edition waaay back then.  So the 2019 edition can only be even better. This guide gives advice for best methods of cleaning over 200 different household items, from leather furniture upholstery to the dishes. What it doesn’t provide is many tips for alternative products – you might not find any vinegar and baking soda recipes to unclog the drain, or the hint that toothpaste polishes the inexpensive silver.


What it does do is take the mystery out of commercial products – explaining, for example, why body soap usually has a fragrance, and revealing what might be misleading about the claims made about trash bags. For a small investment, that kind of information can be priceless. And I’m figuring right now, with people cooped up…

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