How to Persuade with Your Content – Rosie di Lecce

Rosie di Lecce, Writing with Rosie, was speaking to business owners during her Playful Creative Summit interview with David Chislett. She helps them write marketing copy that will accurately explain and bring awareness of the value of their products and themselves to their customers.

As I listened to her it struck me: her ideas about how to get an email out, how to produce that ad,  apply more broadly to any task. Deadlines aren’t automatically bad, a bit of pressure can get a brain to focus – but me, the Certified Professional Organizer, cautions – don’t make deadlines a habit, your immune system will take revenge eventually. “Just get going!” – sometimes even making yourself a tiny bit uncomfortable – work for a little bit despite being hungry…

Simultaneously, taking inspiration from Rosie, it’s OK to talk to your teddy bears and dance during a break. Be as clear, purposeful as possible about your ideas, your ambitions, intentions, goals, the steps you need to take. You can persuade yourself that accomplishments are possible. Find the tools that support you – calendars, note books, project management apps, timers, a favorite pen, the 80s pop blaring on the radio while you’re doing QuickBooks…

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