How to Use Creative Play to Build a Better Future Chrissy Levett

How to Use Creative Play to Build a Better Future. I liked the sound of this before I even listened to the exchange between Chrissy Levett of Creative Conscience and David Chislett for the 2021 Playful Creative Summit. I wasn’t disappointed. I’m quoting Levett from within one minute of their conversation: “In order to change the world, we first have to imagine something different… So creativity is part of imagination.” YES!!!!


Creative Conscience’s scope is local to global, helping people match creative efforts with purposeful, positive, values-driven activity as the organization offers programs for individuals, higher education institutions and companies. The beneficial effect on the mental health of its participants is verified. And starting people on that path is as simple as getting them to imagine “something,” playing games to imagine a better world. Levett wants everyone to believe anything is possible. That mindset is an effective springboard for hard work, building social and environmental impact.


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