I hate issuing a refund

I hate issuing a refund. Don’t like anything that hurts my income. I hate issuing a refund, until I issue the refund. Clients ask for refunds when they’ve learned enough, become confident enough in their efforts they don’t need as much time with me as they anticipated. They need refunds when they’ve accomplished the move they were looking forward to, and the preparation became easier than they feared so they didn’t use all their sessions. The money back is one last reward. jar of money

I issue a refund when I fire myself from a project: I don’t always have the necessary skills or resources for the effort, or my personality and a client’s don’t connect, but it takes a while to figure that out. I’ve been fired for the same reasons, and again there’ll be a refund. I’ve learned a lesson each time.

And I hate closing an account. Once a client, I hope always a client, especially as COVID is still in our world. Come back, use up your accounts! Please, make my bookkeeper happy.


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