I Went Out to the Ballgame

I’m a proud sponsor of the Puget Sound Pronouns, an Emerald City Softball Association C Division team, “founded with a mission of creating more inclusive spaces for trans and non-binary athletes. (quoted from the team’s website home page.).” I know you’re gonna ask “WHY?????” Easy – Brittney Miller, the team’s founder – so doesn’t that make her the Captain? – got moxie. The solicitation she sent me was pretty obviously sent to every LGBTQ++++++++++er, and allies, she could find through GSBA and all other sources she could get her hands on and I LOVED it. I am the least sports-oriented queer I know – I’m not sure I could tell you all the professional teams which Seattle hosts, or any from any of the other places I’ve lived, or even those from my beloved home city NYC – but going so completely out of my element is FUN.

So this is the team’s 2023 schedule. Puget Sound Pronouns schedule 2023.

I’m going to be there May 7, eating cheap hotdogs and yelling at the ump. Find me and say hello. Come root for my team.

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