Improv(e) Your (Home, Work, Virtual) Life with an Improv Mindset – Amy Angelilli

Improv(e) Your (Home, Work, Virtual) Life with an Improv Mindset, the chat between Amy Angelilli, The Adventure Project, and David Chislett for the 2021 Playful Creative Summit. So much to share, and I’m not able to catch 1/10 of it.


“Improv can be comedy, but that’s only one kind of improv….When you take the tenets of improv off the theatre stage and put it into the stage of life, it serves as a growth mindset tool.” “Show up, but be fully engaged.” “We improvise every day (we don’t go to the grocery with a script of what we’ll say!).” “Be willing to say ‘yes’ (look at yourself, examine what you’re automatically shutting down, and reverse that reaction).” “Improv gives us a chance to practice, and build our resilience muscles.” “Improv teaches us to listen to other people.”


To move towards an improv mindset, ground yourself first. Observe what’s around you. Open yourself to who and what you might encounter.


Oh, and she teaches laughter yoga. Which looks like tremendous fun and super healthy.

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