Job Stories and Photos

  • Proof that I'm a Professional Organizer and NOT a videographer - me on the job helping a client prepare for a ShelfGenie of Seattle closet
  • Honest Biscuits - watch my storeroom adventures! Final tallies on Wednesday 9/18/2019 in 4 hours - 3 large bags of trash gone, 3 boxes of boxes to recycle, 15 empty milk crates uncovered, and significant sorting finished. I also gave some guidance to the back office, getting structures in place for easing paperwork processing.  Kept the backbeat on Monday July 13, 2020.
  • Just a look at some of the effort behind Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool's many closets to reclaim, and my cool, calm, collected response! Stuff and more stuff was stashed on every shelf - my camera couldn't get the range right!
  • A client found a string of pearls from her grandfather: she thought she lost them and her husband had replaced them. Now she has two sets! There was also a time when a client's pet got loose behind a sofa and I helped retrieve the runaway.
  • I've worked in a home with seven pets on a general decluttering project. I enjoyed meeting the beasties and assisting their "Mom" as she gave herself a comfortable living space again: she'd been ill and had fallen behind in keeping the place organized.
  • I've worked while two toddlers "helped," which was a lot of fun, while supporting a client as she let go of college mementos so she could dedicate the then-cleared closet to her kids.
  • I've spent time in a garage, sweeping up after the mess rats made. The garage is getting converted to an art studio.
  • All very different projects, all very satisfying, as my clients regained ownership of their surroundings.
  • If you still have concerns about illnesses, I also offer virtual services or by-phone accountability sessions.

Organizing a Couple

Lauren Williams Casual Uncluttering LLC June 27, 2016

This is my "hero" and friend Lauren in my space I have not been able to face for 14 years. The moment I picked up the phone and called Lauren was a true turning point for me and my husband too. With Lauren we started walking TOWARDS what we had been wanting and dreaming of for over a decade instead of forcing our feelings down to never get to a place of being able to "reclaim" as Lauren teaches! Our things; our space and truly some emotional peace.

It is SO HARD for any of us to admit to ourselves " I just cannot do this; I am never getting to this; I am completely overwhelmed. When I reached out to Lauren those feelings began to dissipate instantly. Working with Lauren has helped me immeasurably with my spaces that were dirty and full of clutter but it is also like getting an MBA course at the same time! She is informative, educational, thoughtful, completely considerate of your space, your pace, your feelings. With Lauren I am "safe" to go forward and change and learn.

I cannot say enough except that Lauren has succeeded in helping me and us change our lives and begin moving toward our dreams.

Thank you Lauren and Casual Uncluttering!, Stacy R., June 2016

Honoring a Legacy

Months before she passed, my wife realized she might not survive her newest illness. Not wanting to burden me with disposing of the many things in our house, she found out about Casual Uncluttering and engaged Lauren to help. Help is a gross understatement. The two became a close team and confidantes.

After my wife's death, Lauren told me to contact her only when I felt the time was right. (It turned out to be many months.) My wife had made it clear to her that I wasn't a "things" person. What I needed was someone to do it all, and Lauren did. She quickly recognized what I needed to go through and what could be safely removed. She found (by intuition or inspiration?) perfectly fitting recipients for everything from clothes, tools, supplies for office, sewing, art, photography, and medical care to treasures such as her books on gardening and horticulture. It pleases me no end that these things will now benefit others. Lauren's sensitivity, perceptiveness, knowledge and patience were invaluable to both of us at a terribly difficult time in our lives.

-- Don J., Monroe, February 2017

Note from Lauren: The bins and office items from Don's wife were organized and donated to Homeward Pet in Woodinville.

Bins to Homeward Pet

A Team Effort in Photos!