Here be dragons – and Just & Simple

Here be dragons – trade shows and the like that I attend having NO idea what I’ll find. Because, after averaging four networking meetings a month for a loooong time, I now only go to events where: (1) I’ll have fun and (2) I’m likely to meet new people. I only set sail, give or take, for one happening a month these days. Which recently had me at the North Puget Sound Small Business Summit, heavy on the construction industry and therefore a totally foreign, wholly entertaining diversion for me – saw a most exquisite Zero motorcycle as Edmonds Community College’s Facility Makerspace‘s example of “look ho, how far we’ve come from sailing ships with oars!”

And the Seattle Women’s Show, which offered an energizing mix of local artisans, motivational speakers, swag and practical business ideas. I found Just & Simple, buried treasure, at the Show. Worthy plunder for adventuring out of my comfort zone – I’m not good with motivational speakers, so I deliberately attended three sessions.


Just & Simple is relatively young (founded 2016), a women’s and men’s clothing and accessories resale shop, operating as a 501(c) 3 non-profit which distributes its proceeds for the care of survivors of exploitation and trafficking. Young, but growing – there’s already a second location in Portland, OR. I’d love to see more information about its grantees. But the fact that it’s supported by the Show is Royal Warrant enough for this wandering pirate, who does love a strong mug of Twinings.

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