Kenn Munk and Annabelle Nielsen – The Introvert Playground

Kenn Munk and Annabelle Nielsen launched The Introvert Playground because they recognize that introverts and extroverts play differently. That is not right or wrong, good or bad, it is simply a fact of different minds working differently and having different needs. Most playgrounds are designed for extroverts – large, open areas, offering highly physical activities encouraging loud, perhaps even competitive interactions. Introverts need cozier, quieter, more intellectually-oriented spaces. Introvert Playgrounds house small toys, often created with found objects, in tiny snug structures reminiscent of fairy tale troll houses. Alyea Sandovar skillfully coaxed out Munk’s and Nielsen’s motivation in building the structures, and what they see as the values of supporting neurodiversity. Their arguments were so compelling, I would encourage my introverted readers, or the parents of introverted children, to build themselves such a playground, whether in the back yard or a corner of a living room. Even just a small, colorful tent might suit – I still have fond memories of the inexpensive Ikea one I had for my son. He loved it until he was long too large to fit into it and it was tattered beyond repair. The more society supports all play in all its forms, all diverse thinking, the more prosperous and healthy a world we will have.

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