Killed by Clutter – Leslie Caine

It’s tooooo cold out, so I’m reading ALOT more. Killed by Clutter by Leslie Caine is a delightful read. Ms. Caine has a sly sense of humor, her characters are ridiculously quirky but believable, the plot is just twisty enough to be satisfying without annoying. The main amateur private eye ISN’T a Professional Organizer, but a highly-talented Interior Designer, Erin Gilbert, who plays a Professional Organizer in fictional detective stories….


Now I have a quarrel with that, because, in this story, her client is quite possibly someone who in real life could be diagnosed with hoarding disorder. The ease with which Ms. Gilbert gets her client to part with 40- and 50- year old newspapers, old tires, unusably rusty pots and pans – that ISN’T believable.

She’s also not all that good a detective – none of the Professional Organizers who play detective in fictional detective stories are. But I’m probably going to look for more.

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