Late to the Party

I’m seldom late to a party, unless traffic or the weather conspire against me. But I’m currently butting heads with a certain someone who will go unnamed who is likely to start running late to parties, work, passport appointments and all sorts of other “That’s gonna hurt, real world” commitments sooner than later. And I know why, and there is an understandable, forgivable reason. But but but…


And this unidentifiable person, whose stubbornness I explain as “Most people, the saying ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’ is true. This person – I point to the water – ‘There, go, water, go take a look.'”


And calendars, ohmiuniverse, calendars. You would think calendars are the worst thing since old people music (that’s a hint who I’m talking about). And then it dawned on me – 3D calendars. Wouldn’t the cool factor of a 3D calendar appeal to my unbridled horse just enough for me to get a chance??? And then I got excited – no one else has of course ever come up with something so clever.

WRONG. So very very wrong. Look up 3D perpetual calendar on online retail shopping sites and you’ll see everything from 50-year pocket watches to wooden wall hangings. But can’t find anything that goes into the fine details about hours. Maybe I can still make my fortune.


WOW, OH WOW. I love my stubborn streak – Scheduling wheel chart calendar – will I be able to figure out how to use it without actually holding one in my hands? NOPE. So oh yea, I’m gonna get one.


More to come on time management. Been mulling over what to say about that last specialist certificate of mine.

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