Life Skills Advocate’s Real Life Executive Functioning Workbook

Chris Hanson, BS of Life Skills Advocate, partnered with Amy Sippl, MS, BCBA, has produced a thoughtful, far-reaching tool kit, The Real Life Executive Functioning Workbook: A Handbook of Exercises to Help Unique Learners for supporting neurodiverse young people as they attempt to master difficult skills and concepts such as emotion regulation and time management. The exercises in this manual are deeply researched, and carefully written for adaptability to a wide range of abilities in its users. Equally appreciable, it’s playful – many of the illustrations had me laughing out loud. When I look at this kind of book to consider whether to recommend it to my clients, I ask myself if I might be able to use it. That answer was “Yes.” I found many of its observations valuable, despite the fact that I, far as I know, am neurotypical.


This is NOT an illustration from the book!

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