Lonely Socks Need Purpose Too

I’ve now started following Feng Shui a little. Got this tip from a practitioner:

“If someone is ill, take a piece of their clothing that is worn often, and expose it to sunlight between 11am and 1pm (midday). My suggestion is that you leave it, or them, in the sunlight the entire time. Socks, jacket, t shirt hat, etc.

Then, place the clothing on or over the person in need – even in bed.

Visualize the person has the power and will to overcome the yin illness. Take your time and see the person in detail in all phases of recovery. See a healthy return to life’s activities.

This method is to be used in conjunction with medical advice.”


This makes sense to me. Look how often we allow ourselves to keep a treasured article of clothing from an ex-romantic partner or a deceased loved one. Remember the trick of sticking a t-shirt or such in an anxious pet’s crate to reassure the poor thing that his/her people are still around.

And I promptly got the giggles because all I could think of were the many clients I have who have single sock mountains. That impulse static-cling charged ahead to “What can you do with lonely socks?”


SO MANY THINGS. Make: puppets, heating pads, plush toys, wreaths, gift wrap, cleaning rags, dry-erase-board erasers, stress balls. The shortest on-line list I found had 10 ideas; the longest 61. And now, when we need amusement, productive diversions – throw that guilt out the window that you may be “misusing” a forlorn sock unless you reunite it with its Platonic mate. Give it purpose: empower the sock!


But my personal favorite repurposing brings back fond memories of my Lake Charles, Louisiana uncle, who makes an electric cup of chicory coffee with an old sock. Thank you Neptune Coffee for helping me prove it, especially since you’re a Seattle company – I’m sure no one would believe me otherwise!

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