Lucky Dog

I almost didn’t go out on the Casual Uncluttering LLC donation run this morning. I was unequivocally unambitious. I’d spent the morning bored, finally ending a project I started in March – blog posts cataloging the RealChangeNews Emerald City Resource Guide non-profits which take gifts-in-kind. It’s the holidays and I wanted to goof off a bit. I knew I was likely to make a donation run after my afternoon client, or tomorrow morning.


But I pushed. “Never know exactly how much space you need in the car.” “Get it done now and you’ve got some wiggle room for the rest of the weekend.” “Make a sequence out of it: Homeward Pet for a donation on behalf of a client, Post Office to mail my copy of the RealChangeNews Guide to MSHH Donor Closet, Goodwill for another client, gets more done.”


MSHH asked for my copy of the Guide once I was done because they want to explore helping some of the agencies listed in the Guide. Here’s what MSHH does: “When durable medical and mobility equipment is no longer needed most people feel that the right thing to do is pass it along so it can help someone else. That is where MSHH comes in. We are all volunteers who accept donations of this good equipment, refurbish it and make it available to others at a very affordable “suggested minimum donation” amount. And, because we are a 501 (C)3 non-profit charity, the money that we take in above our expenses is made available to assist those in Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana and Alaska with Multiple Sclerosis. We don’t charge tax and your donations may be tax deductible.”


Trevor and Faith, two of my own rescues over time.

Well, I got kinda sidetracked from that donation run. By the sweetest little Springer Spaniel who ever managed to slip her leash. My deep gratitude to Homeward Pet, who read her chip and made a phone call to her people. My equal thankfulness that PAWS could take the baby (I don’t think she could have been more than a year old) until her people could come get her. Even managed to make my donation run after dropping the floppy-eared miscreant at PAWS AND made it to my client on time.


I believe in luck actually.

Luck is not chance (1350)

Emily Dickinson – 1830-1886

Luck is not chance—
It’s Toil—
Fortune’s expensive smile
Is earned—
The Father of the Mine
Is that old-fashioned Coin
We spurned—


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