Be it known that:


is a participant in good standing, and is free to give and/or receive hugs at any time or place.

No expiration date: no monthly dues. Membership automatically renewed whenever one hugs. Make hug anemia a dis-ease of the past.

Waaaay back in September 2018, I met Madhzub at the “Only Leaves Should Fall!” Falls Prevention Fair at the Sno-Valley Senior Center.


He told a delightful story of the inspiration for his highly non-exclusive club – overhearing a caring father offer a hug to a bored, attention-seeking toddler by asking “Does someone have hug anemia?”  A little fanciful – I prefer the direct “Do you need a hug?” approach myself – but effective. The little one’s answer was “yes.”


So here I go again, data geek pulling out all the stops to get you to hug – ’cause it’s good for ya! Jamie Ducharme posted “Science Says You Should Embrace Hugging” on October 3, 2018 for Time magazine, concerning an October 3, 2018 Carnegie Mellon University study which tentatively demonstrates that hugs enhance and generate positive moods (Umm, is anyone suprised??). Stacey Colino penned “The Health Benefits of Hugging” on February 3, 2016 for U.S. News & World Report, about another Carnegie Mellon study – anyone know if Carnegie Mellon has a reputation for the touchy-feelies? – and others which demonstrate hugs can boost immune function.


And now you’ve got the blueprint to start your own Hug Club. Keep it simple if you like, just friends and family,  or spread it like seeds on the wind. Madhzub puts his message on unadorned construction paper “business” cards. I have mine carefully clustered with other keepsake cards.


And yes, we exchanged hugs.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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