Marie Claire Outfit 911 – Filling your Closets Wisely

I believe that some women have a better chance of filling their closets wisely, thus avoiding clutter, by gaining knowledge about how to dress and shop. So, with that in mind, here’s the review of “Marie Claire Outfit 911” I posted in Amazon:

Any woman in a panic over what to keep in her closet might want to look at “Marie Claire Outfit 911” by Marie Claire magazine contributing editor Joyce Corrigan (publication date 2012). Many of the choices highlighted in this book are deliberately over-the-top, outrageously extreme to illustrate fashion “nevers” in diverse situations from job interview to clubhopping. These so-called “Deal Breakers” are funny. And the “Deal Makers” are instructive. Outfit 101 supplies multiple visuals of smart options, providing readers with an excellent guide for their own selections. It does not examine topics such as how to choose a cut for your body type or decide which colors are right for your skin tone. But after reading this work, some women may have a better chance of filling their closets wisely, thus avoiding clutter

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