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Marla Cilley, the FlyLady,, nurtures a millions-strong online community of people who share organizing tips and tools, motivation, and comradeship. They support and empower each other in countless ways. Cilley is the bedrock of that community, who over the course of her own struggle with chronic disorganization developed a very simple, very gradual, very gentle step-by-step program for the problems of keeping an organized life which can and should be used by many many many people.  Her ideas are summarized by the book’s title – just clean your sink. Make it shine. It’s a “BabyStep,” the start of it all. And wear your shoes. And pick out your clothes for the next day. And then, next day when you are ready, clean your sink, wear your shoes and pick out your clothes for the next day. And then one day, clean your sink, wear your shoes, pick out your clothes for the next day and…  another chore. And it builds from there: Cilley and her organizing companions offer tips on what to focus on when, why and how.

FlyLady has two meanings…

Sink Reflections is the summary of Cilley’s on-line teachings. It, by itself, provides a wonderful foundation for people to work themselves out of disorganization. It is also a great introduction to her on-line community, which can help you decide whether to join the on-line network.


But I have a confession about this book. I find it VERY annoying. Cilley is a WONDERFUL woman, kind, generous, gentle, and good-humored. She is FIERCELY dedicated to motivating her community.  She is also devotedly, admirably religious, and her spiritual and faithful orientation is a strong part of her writing and teaching. I am non-observant and agnostic, and so, sadly, I find this book difficult to enjoy as completely as I wished. I add this opinion only because it may be true for other people as well.

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