Mission: Organization – the book

Library thrift shop find. Had to.

Mission Organization HGTV show book Overcome by the onslaught of nostalgia. The TV show Mission: Organization kept me company when I was home with my then-newborn son.  The startling and pleasing surprise is that the book hasn’t aged. Despite its 2004 publication date, the home decor was timeless, although I wouldn’t want to set my heart on certain colors or a particular lamp model after 15 years! And since every episode featured a Professional Organizer, the techniques for decluttering and storing stuff are as relevant today as waaaaaaay back when. Funny thing though – honesty as the best policy, I never had a thought in my head to become a Professional Organizer as I watched, never mind Founder and Owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, or Certified Professional Organizer(R). It was just a show that appealed to the nesting instincts of a first-time Mom.


I had a good laugh at seeing “When in doubt, throw it out” burst from page 179: I’ve counseled it many times. When Genevieve Snyder, Fine Art and Consulting (I couldn’t find a website for her, she may have moved on to other activities) solemnly “reassured” her clients that “it’s probably going to get uglier before it gets better–it’s always darkest before the dawn,” (page 112), echoed by Crystal Sabalaske, Cluttershrink, “I don’t want you to panic, because it’s going to look worse in there before it gets better,” (page 167), my head might have fallen off my shoulders as I nodded agreement. If I had a penny for every time I’ve offered that encouragement to clients…


Tribute to the pioneers on this show, colleagues who demonstrated that organizing can be taught to all sorts of different personalities, people of myriad different backgrounds and preferences. It is awe-inspiring and heartening to see that many of the masters featured on this show are still active.

Diane Albright, DianeAlbright.com

Mela Catanzaro, MCAT Design

Vicki Norris, Restoring Order

Amy Rehkemper, Simplify Organizing, LLC

Maxwell Ryan, Apartment Therapy

Crystal Sabalaske, Cluttershrink

Janet Taylor, Totally Organized, LLC


I will continue following their path with gratitude.



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