Monica Cornetti, Sententia Gamification

Monica Cornetti, Founder of Sententia Gamification, has an urgent message for employers (and therefore, of course, employees). I’m paraphrasing as closely as I can from her 2021 Playful Creative Summit presentation Why Work Does Not Work Without Play. Fearfulness harms productivity and creativity. Fun and playfulness oppose fearfulness. SO FIND WAYS TO ELIMINATE FEARFULNESS. Maybe, maybe not, use tests. Let your employees fail as they’re learning something new. Let them try again. Make sure they’re learning materials they can use, so they’re motivated. Use gamification – Merriam-Webster definition “the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation” –  analysis and tools in your workplace. And when you do, take real care to understand your employees and your company’s goals – it’s not just about competition and points, games have social elements, emotional aspects and intellectual parameters. But take it a little farther – what would happen if  your employees were, figuratively speaking, romping around in some good old-fashioned mud?


And I’ll add, me in my own words – maybe hire Monica or another Playful Creative Summit speaker, the best in the world at this, to guide you in your efforts.


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