Mood knobs

To this very day, you can buy mood rings on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. I don’t wear rings. Mood knobs it will be.

I’ve just gotten a small, inexpensive Ikea kitchen cart, finally going to really truly configure my kitchen for functionality, 11 years after moving in (Readers, you are allowed an eye roll here. Organizer, organize thyself.). I don’t like the knob the unit came with. Five dollars for the lot from Skagit Building Salvage in Mount Vernon, one of my favorite Washington towns, these beauties are going to live in the cart’s drawer and get swapped out as I fancy.

My point? It doesn’t take a lot of money to give yourself invigorating touches of color, shape and texture in your space. Sacrifice the next few candy bars if you have to. Doesn’t have to be knobs on a drawer. New curtains, some bookends you’ve been saying “Gee, that would be helpful” about for months, some organizers for the magazines. If you can’t go shopping, haven’t got money to spare, see what might be up for offer from your BuyNothing, FreeCycle, Facebook Neighborhood, Facebook Marketplace or Nextdoor communities. Give back a little too, if you can – I’m giving two metal file cabinets to the first people willing to take them away and I’m just leaving them outside my door.

Let yourself have this!!! Now, or in future. Pick-me-ups are crucial for our health and happiness.

Stenstorp, if you’re curious. And Universe help me, now that I’ve gotten into decoupage, my first thought on having finally put it all together, with my first glimmer of all that plain, gleaming white, was “I bet that surface would take glue.”


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