More tall less flat

More tall less flat. That was the closest to coherence I could get this morning, because I did NOT get enough sleep, as I did a quick pass clearing up in my bedroom. I’ll explain in a minute.


Organizing is not static. If it were, Organizers might be out of a job. Organizing is a life-long process, you adapt your systems and spaces to your needs as your life changes. Single to married to first kid, second kid, kids move out… Or scooper at an ice cream shop, manager at an ice cream shop, own the ice cream shop, open your second location, open your tenth location…


More tall, less flat. I used to have a lovely vintage night stand, ornate, very tall, very slender, dark wood. Let it go several years ago in favor of a a squat, massive dresser, very very plain EXCEPT it’s well-painted a gor-ge-ous dark green. Love the thing. I’ve got various containers on top of the dresser. One holds cough drops, there’s one holds cough drop wrappers, something for a notepad and pens to jot down ideas, and more. I took a look this morning – “More tall less flat” floated to mind. All the containers are too flat for what they hold. I could get taller ones and take up less space on the dresser, it would be less crowded. I’ve had this dresser two years, and the containers. But time to change things up. Don’t be afraid of change.

PS – NOT gonna take a photo of the dresser. NOPE. Too messy. But I LOVE my cabinet too. That’s a technique – let yourself use beautiful things, your definition, whenever you can. One person’s Swedish Modern is another person’s Federal Period.


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