My son likes hip hop and rap. Not my favorites. But he’s home from school this week and visiting with me, so sure, I’ll have that so-called music on in the car. And I’m having a somewhat harder time driving. Switch the station back to my preference for driving – classic rock, thank you very much – and I’m undeniably more focused. But it’s gotta be 80s pop for bookkeeping (and better yet, I WILL hire a bookkeeper someday!!!).


I’m a NYC-native agnostic Jew, raised in a rigidly secular household. But a secular Christmas is my family’s most honored holiday: going to see all the windows in the department stores, watching “The Grinch” (the REAL one, with Boris Karloff) every year long after we memorized dialogue and songs, Santa coming with presents. Today, I spent Christmas Eve morning singing Christmas hymns, with friends, devout Christians. I knew the tunes to all of them, and some good portion of the words: not taught me by my family, but found in my life nonetheless. I left my friends with exalted spirit. That mood has stayed with me all day.


Music is something which humans may be predisposed to recognizing from birth. I encourage my clients to use music as they organize: to time themselves on tasks, or make the work ridiculous (nothing like doing the dishes to “Roll Over Beethoven”), for relaxation or finding some energy. But I hope we can all find much more in it than a fancy clock. I hope we can all find playfulness, inspiration, sometimes solace, peace and always fulfillment in whatever genres and pieces speak to us.

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