National Coming Out Day 10/11/2018 – LGBTQ Visibility

From now on, I’m going to post something about LGBTQ issues every year on this day for as long as I own my business. Why? I don’t have to, especially since I am a bisexual who can hide behind a previous straight marriage which gave me the gift of my son. So, why?


Precisely because I can hide, while many of my friends can’t, men and women who have never been in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender, and who may now be in committed relationships of many years duration. Men and women who may, by their appearance or behaviors, “violate” the artificial, irrational, ragingly-destructive norms a heterosexist, sexist majority uses for maintaining power over minorities. We’re everywhere. We contribute every bit as significantly to our world as the majority does. Alan Turing, the mathematician who led a team which broke the Germans’ WWI codes, was gay. Some historians believe his efforts shortened the war by two to four years.


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