New Printer Adventures in Small Business Management

I just bought a new printer. Not even remotely on the plan for the day, and most DEFINITELY not in the budget. But when your machine refuses for over three hours to acknowledge that it uploaded its latest scanning software update despite the fact that the software thinks it’s nestled safely in the contraption’s reptilian brain, Typewriterand the gadget refuses to scan more than one page at a time or save that one pitiful effort, and when you can’t trace its purchase in your paperwork…  I  know I bought it in the 2010s…. OK, it could be that ancient.

Or it could be brand-new and I just got tired of nitpickiness with my bookkeeping – have I mentioned before that I HATE bookkeeping? The first hypothesis is far more likely: the clerk who helped me pick a machine said the one I turned in hadn’t been on the floor in at least three years. Buuut.. details matter. Knowing its adoption day would have helped the decision, a little. Sigh. Any Organizer who claims she’s organized all the time is lying. And any Organizer who claims he’s good at everything is ridiculous. I mention all this to emphasize everybody’s human.

And now I have the joy of aligning printheads, installing software, crossing my fingers that the printer will speak to my router or whatever that thing is. And the gizmo has New Car Smell. Which is ghastly. I’m going to have to keep my office window open in  cold weather, whimper.

But the beast is eco-friendly. And the ink is real ink. Which makes a delightful glugging sound as it goes into the inkwell. And which might last for two years. Most excellent.

Miracle of miracles, I survived the installation. It make pretty pictures. And HAL 9000 help me, the creature even has its own email address. Everything in moderation, and try to look for the bright side. I’m going to smile at the glug noises.

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