I ain’t worried about this weather – I’ve got my High Road Organizer gear

Yes, alert – commercial coming, because I receive a small commission for every sale of High Road Organizers products which results from a click off my site. But I endorse these products because they wear like iron. I’ve had three of their basic black door-hanger trash bags – those are technical terms – in my car for years and they don’t leak, no odors, they expand with the capacity of Hermione Granger’s handbag. I can be snowed in in my car for a week and I’m just going to stuff in my power bar wrappers and wait for the plows…

They’ve also got extremely practical trunk bins and nets: great for getting the extra groceries laid in for the impassable roads, awesome options for the ice scraper. And hey, give yourself some hope: Spring is coming, and we’ll have Spring Break road trips to prep for – the trunk tools hold toys!


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