It’s Official – Casual Uncluttering LLC is Virtual

I’m conducting organizing sessions by teleconference – Zoom, Duo, Microsoft Teams, or tell me about a mechanism you like and I’m gonna investigate it the same day. One-on-one teleconferenced organizing meetings, also known as “virtual” or “remote” organizing, are usually shorter than a “regular” engagement, focus on well-defined projects even more closely than side-by-side work, and can actually have some powerful advantages over efforts where I’m hands-on with you.

I’m especially glad I had the opportunity to take a class taught by Sheila Delson, one of the founders of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, THE Master Trainer in Virtual Organizing. Sheila standardized and modernized the unique methods Virtual Organizers use and I am SOOOO glad I took the course.


This kind of collaboration isn’t for everyone, so I can’t promise we’ll sign a contract for a virtual partnership. If you’d like a laugh, read about my preparation misadventures on my blog. If this is an intriguing idea, call me at 425-947-3976 or email me at If virtual doesn’t end up being a possibility, I’m still going to get to you in-person again, sooner or later. Please let your colleagues, your friends and family know about me and about virtual organizing – I’ll be able to help an English-speaking person (yup, no talent whatsoever at other languages) anywhere in the world.

In the meanwhile, reach out to someone you fought with, call that college buddy, mail a letter to someone.

Be safe, be well.

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Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Virtual Professional Organizer®

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