The Onion Hour – Stefano Sacchi and Lord Simon Jacobs

Yes, you’re reading that right – The Onion Hour. Nurtured by Stefano Sacchi, Epic Llama, and Lord Simon Jacobs, Professional Weirdos, The Onion Hour is an online networking event with a difference – you’ll be encouraged to be wacky and the proud parent of an onion. No more stilted small talk, no more awkward “OK, who do I wander over to next?” Creative people are particularly encouraged to join, but I think anyone who just wants to shake loose from the conventional ought to take a look. Stefano’s passion is to bring out the playful kid in everyone, whether it’s for a corporate team-building event, the company’s annual holiday party, or for you yourself hoping to meet some like-minded new friends. Many of his efforts began as in-person events and have been, with persistence and passion, successfully transitioned into online happenings. Simon, Stefano’s co-imp, is equally dedicated to teaching people to reclaim their exuberance and confidence. He’s offering workshops, books and talks for individuals, organizations and academic settings to encourage that re-awakening in anyone.


They proposed an unexpected touchstone word in their 2021 Playful Creative Summit presentation Playing the Game of Life: ridiculous. Worth embracing.



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