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Organize Create Discipline The OCD Way

I have TREMENDOUS respect for Justin Klosky, who has taken what can be a crippling disorder and turned it into a source of amazing strength. And I can’t begin to explain how much I admire his courage in admitting that he is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. But this is a love it or hate it book. Mr. Klosky’s insights are right on target, he has a playful sense of humor, and I was awed by the comprehensiveness of his “this is what you’ll need to take care of” list (I’ve encountered everything he mentions, but I would never have thought to list it all out and catalog possible techniques).


He is extremely empathetic: he deeply understands that his techniques need to be adapted for each individual who is following his advice. But I do believe that his methods really are most suitable for people with OCD. His primary tool for storing documents is a computer, with a goal of bringing people to a paperless state. It’s therefore very much counterproductive for people who don’t like or really can’t use computers, people who may be very visually oriented or not strongly linear thinkers. His decidedly linear approach might also be just a wee bit difficult for the ADD-abled to follow. But for the ADD-abled in particular, Mr. Klosky’s book may nonetheless be a wonderful starting place for them to consider their needs: his step-by-step fine-tuning can help them find the gaps in their understanding of their tasks, possessions and possibilities.

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