Organizing for Your Brain Type – Lanna Nakone

Organizing for Your Brain Type: Finding Your Own Solution to Managing Time, Paper, and Stuff

Lanna Nakone is fascinated by the science of brain function and applies its research to the question “Why can’t I get organized?” The simple answer: no two brains are alike, although there are some things we all share. Each of us has an organizing “style,” different capabilities and preferences for how we organize which lets us use our strengths.

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Those styles are about our whole selves: our physical, emotional and mental abilities. When a person is unable to find or use a comfortable style, that person may not be successful at organizing.


Nakone talks about four common styles:  “Maintaining,” “Harmonizing,” “Innovating,” and “Prioritizing.”  These four styles complement, sometimes annoy, and, sadly, sometimes criticize each other. Nakone helps you identify which style might be yours, and provides some suggestions for organizing tools to fit your style. She also gives ideas to help us understand each others’ styles and cooperate.  That’s a wonderful gift. This is another book, published 2005, which I consider timeless.

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