Organizing Your Garage In No Time by Barry Izsak

OK, this book is about garages. It’s about decluttering the garage. It’s about safety in the garage. It talks tools. But it’s really about The Dream Garage. Planning it, constructing it, and keeping it functional for all time. But soooooo much of Mr. Izsak’s sensible advice is applicable for other spaces in your home or office, this book could be named “Good Ideas for lots of spaces, but maybe think ‘garage first.’” and I wouldn’t have complained. And Mr. Izsak is funny. And practical. And thrifty.

This is THE book about garages.

It snowed in my neck of the suburbs yesterday, heavily enough that my son got a snow day even though his school was open. Snow and cold and stranded cars led me to thoughts of garages. Spring and Summer and being able to get a garage organized without freezing to death, so someone can find the tire chains in time for snow and cold and stranded cars. Which led me to finally write the review above of another book I read for my CPO exam.

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