I thought I was peeved, but maybe that’s too strong. I considered “aggrieved,” but that implies I think the Universe is out to get me. “Irked” is a ridiculous word and “annoyed” is just plain too weak. “Befuddled” and “discontented” came to mind this afternoon, and they still feel right.

Children on pirate parade float

Yesterday, Monday 3/19/2018, was another day, another rear-ending. I’m getting a little tired of this. I’m OK, other driver is OK, car will be OK after yet another round in the shop. Very annoying when I confuse my clients because they don’t recognize my car because I’m in a rental. And did I mention I’m getting a little tired of this? I found a box of Oreo cookies and some Epsom salts.


And wow, I thought I’d be just fine today – and I feel really lucky that I didn’t have any client appointments that I’d have to cancel. But I’m having a helluva time concentrating. I don’t think it’s any injury, just cumulative fatigue over this particular kind of nonsense. Time to just be quiet, get low-maintenance stuff done like filing. And more Oreos. Readers – do only 1/2 as I say!


Children on pirate parade float

Captain Jack, can I borrow the boat?Pirate flags

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