Sometimes a Pep Talk is “You’re being ridiculous!”

Sometimes you have to talk something through. Sometimes you need a pep talk. Sometimes you have to have a temper tantrum, talk something through and have someone shake you while he’s proclaiming “You’re being ridiculous!” Mahlon Otero of Shivelight Company, a full-service IT support firm for businesses, shook me good. Quite reasonably pointed out that my tantrum about Casual Uncluttering LLC corporate details which-will-be-mysterious-forevermore was just that, a ludicrous sulking fit and I was wasting my time. He refused to create busywork for himself.


Mahlon offered me connectedness: a willingness to look out for me, a willingness to listen to my request for help (follow the link to Dr. Emma Sepala’s May 8, 2014 article Connectedness & Health: The Science of Social Connection, posted to the Stanford Medicine’s Center for Compassion And Altruism Research And Education website for an in-depth discussion of the concept.). Connectedness is as vital to our health as air, water and food. Also known as social connection, connectedness can be practiced by anyone using any mechanisms s/he finds comfortable, from Facebook Friending to hanging onto that first-grade best bud until you’re both 80. The last two links will point you to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center for ideas.

Pete, the tiniest equine at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, really took a liking to Todd Allan of Structured Space, LLC.

Please, seek out sociability by any means necessary. Does the Universe some good.


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