Pesto out of Postponement

Pesto out of postponement. Take a last-minute client cancellation and: (1) finish improving data in QuickBooks; (2) finish scrubbing old information from my phone list; (3) continue following-up on Monday’s GSBA Matchmaker conference MUCH sooner than otherwise and (4) experiment with pistachio pesto several days ahead of schedule. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pistachio pesto was a success, despite the fact that the spinach and kale were both frozen. Warmed it in a double boiler, it brought out the flavors anyway. Asiago wasn’t the best choice for the cheese, too sweet with the sweet pistachios, so back to classic parmesan in the next batch and a big heaping dose of fresh parsley to complement the spinach and kale. Eventually, I may get really brave and add some lemongrass. This is gonna be fun.

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