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This post is originally from Nina Hollander, a talented Realtor in Charlotte, NC. It’s worth repeating many times.


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13 Memorial Day/Weekend Pet Safety Tips

Please don’t forget to keep your pets safe this Memorial Day Weekend. And you can do so by following these simple 13 steps:

  1. Keep pets in a a separate room or kennel when guests arrive and leave to minimize the chances of your pet escaping.
  2. Keep a leash nearby in the event a pet does escape.
  3. Keep yard gates closed and locked (if possible).
  4. Keep pets away from hot BBQ grills, as well as from candles (especially citronella candles which are toxic to pets) and lighters.
  5. Keep entrances to pools closed/locked to minimize chances of a pet falling in. Also keep in mind, pool water and chemicals used to treat it are a threat to your pet. Keep fresh water nearby and keep any chemicals out of reach.
  6. Keep your pets away from poisonous yard plants and areas where you might have used pesticides.
  7. Keep cool, fresh water around indoors and outdoors, especially when it’s hot.
  8. If you’re travelling, use safety restraints such as a pet seat belt or crate.
  9. NEVER leave your pet in a hot car.
  10. If taking your pet to the beach, always keep a fresh bowl of water available and discourage them from drinking from the ocean, the salt water can cause an elevated salt level,which can be deadly.
  11. Only use pet friendly sunscreen. Those made for human use can be toxic and deadly to pets.
  12. Know the signs of heat stroke in animals.
  13. Keep the phone number for your vet’s emergency service or after-hours clinic and poison control handy and/or saved in your cell phone.

Memorial Day Pet Safety Tips


4 Memorial Day/Weekend Tips To Keep Your Pets Calm

With fireworks being such a big part of many Memorial Day celebrations, here are four tips to help keep your pets calm:

  1. Keep your pets indoors with curtains/blinds shut during fireworks
  2. Allow your pets to hide indoors if that is how they wish to cope.
  3. Turn on your TV or music during fireworks to help drown out the sound of fireworks.
  4. Feed your pet prior to fireworks as a full stomach helps to relax them and make them more sleepy.

    Here’s wishing you and your pets a happy and SAFE Memorial Day Weekend!

These Memorial Day/Weekend Pet Safety Tips are provided by Nina Hollander and Carolinas Realty Partners with Re/MAX Executive, your Charlotte area residential real estate specialists and pet owners and lovers.

And if you’re thinking about adding a pet to your household, please:


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