Peter Walsh – Organizer and Marriage Counselor

I was a Clean Sweep fan. I admit it. Peter Walsh was part organizer, part marriage counselor, and all no-nonsense.

I like two of his books, and these are the reviews.

“It’s All Too Much”

This book is NOT just a copy of the “It’s All Too Much Workbook.”  Mr. Walsh, with humor and compassion, can motivate you to get organized with “It’s All Too Much.”  He very successfully explains the holistic benefits of decluttering.  His most valuable insights stem from his deep understanding that structuring a home is (1) often a process with a goal of satisfying the needs of several people and (2) therefore often a family, collaborative, effort.  He can be a little gruff – “JUST DO IT” might be his motto.  And he admits, just a little, that this is an “Of Course You Can” book: Mr. Walsh doesn’t offer much about how to determine why, so far, you haven’t used all the tips and tricks.  If you could easily accomplish the tips and tricks, you might not be reading this book in the first place.  This book has a place in a collection of books.  Start with Cindy Glovinsky, Judith Kohlberg, Julie Morgenstein, and Gail Blanke.

And the “It’s All Too Much Workbook”

“Mr. Walsh can motivate you to get organized with his “It’s All Too Much Workbook.” He emphasizes the holistic benefits of decluttering while providing well-constructed tools for the effort.

Reading list for my upcoming CPO exam…

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