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Why didn’t my husband and I do this years ago? I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but that’s not the issue as I can hire someone to clean and dust. The issue is I became disabled about four years ago and have great difficulty with mobility. We’ve been feeling our home is closing in around us…too much stuff, not enough room and an organizational nightmare. We decided to seek a professional organizer to help us give us back our home. We did a considerable amount of research and we ultimately contacted Lauren Williams of Casual Uncluttering. Lauren came out for a free consultation and by the end of that conversation, we were convinced she was the perfect fit. Lauren spent the majority of her time listening (what a novel concept) to assess our needs and priorities. She is pragmatic, logical and sensible. She is non-judgmental and detached from the emotions we feel, but at the same time caring and empathetic to our situation. Lauren paid for her fee multiple times over the first day, finding a $1,500 pearl necklace I thought had been stolen and lost forever. All I could do was sit and cry. If your home is closing in on you, do yourself a huge favor and call Lauren Williams at Casual Uncluttering first…you will be as pleased as we are. Thank you.

— Penny C., Everett, June 2017


“Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.” 



Lauren was a gentle guide who brought a sense of humor to help me let go of items which had huge sentimental value for me, but which were in the way of my plan to turn a spare guestroom into a playroom for my children, ages two and four. Everything from a changing table to old computers filled the room and its closet before we started, and it was empty when we finished. We found a string of pearls, a gift from my grandfather, which I thought I’d lost! Lauren even let my little people ‘help.’ They had a great time too.
 Lindsey F., Redmond, January 2013



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