Play Break: Thriving During Uncertain Times Annemarie Steen

Annemarie Steen has the COOLEST quotes about playfulness on her website that I’ve ever seen:

In an hour of PLAY, you learn more about a person than in a year of conversation (Plato)

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun (Albert Einstein)

And then I knew that her Playful Creative Summit conversation with Alyea Sandovar was going to be good. Like many others at the Summit, Steen is inspired by Dr. Stuart Brown‘s groundbreaking research concerning how critical play is to the development and satisfaction of all sentient creatures. Before the pandemic, Steen, through SteenTrain, taught exercises corporate employees and leaders use to engage in play-based teambuilding, creativity enhancement and other endeavors. Steentrain suffered at the start of lock-downs. Rather than give up, Steen asked “What is my creative question?” – which will now by my go-to! Her question led to, the company by which she teaches many of the same concepts and techniques adapted for online use.


And then embellish that triangle to be a monster. And tell a story about their monster. I don’t usually use so many images in a post. But they all made me smile.

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