Replaced by a bunch of books

I’m gonna be replaced by a bunch of books once I make this recommendation. I collect organizing books the way some people collect cookbooks (Spoiler alert, I also collect cookbooks. That’s a story for another day). One of the most illustrious members EVER of my profession, Valentina Sgro, Really Organized, wrote a fictional series about a Professional Organizer, Patience Oaktree, P.O. years and years and years ago. Her last book, published in 2013, came out only two years after I launched! And I FINALLY let myself have them.

OMIGOSH, the collection is WONDERFUL. Well-written, playful, funny, and darned if it isn’t one of the best how-to-work-with-clients manuals I’ve ever read. Read five of the six in one sitting.

New to our amazing profession? Get all the books, I can already promise you they’re all good.  Someone considering a partnership with an Organizer? Get a book, any of the books, to get a taste of the process – but remember that Patience is representative of only one make-believe Organizer, we come in an infinity of personalities, backgrounds and ranges of training and specialization. Do your research, find several of us through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and/or the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) to choose from. Already familiar with collaborating with Organizers? These lovely gems are cheery pocket-sized reminders of the skills you’ve learned. A bit like the cozy mystery subgenre, without mysteries. Except one of them does include a bit of a mystery. I’m not going to say which, but the photo is a clue.

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