Safeway Monopoly – Easier… or Harder? You Decide.

Once again, the devils designing Safeway Monopoly have demolished my expectations. The board – half the size it was last year. MAKES ME WANNA SHOUT.  No more draping it ooooo sooooo lovingly over the back of the coach, forlornly hoping to ward off vindictive creases and tears.

Players are even more precipitately pushed careening over the digital precipice. We’re only getting 1/2 the number of paper tickets we got last year. At least it’s saving some trees. And all those real photos of real paid actor people really dramatically really re-enacting all the real really fun activities you can enjoy with all your statistically-improbable-to-win prizes – GONE (GASP!). Glad. Bet that had been a spendy experiment.

And, DUN DUN DUUUUN… they’ve eliminated prizes. I hasten to reassure you, gentle readers, none of the important ones have vanished – I’ll still be getting my $1M. But some of the nitpicky little ones. Gone and good riddance. Let’s us pros concentrate on getting to Go. And probably has the deluged, long-suffering clerks at the stores dancing for joy.

Now, if they’ve finally improved the glue…

jar of money

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