Scheduled to Death by Mary Feliz

Scheduled to Death is the second in a series of Professional-Organizer-as-amateur-sleuth novels. Ms. Feliz has the creativity to introduce yet more unconventional, memorable, sure-to-remain-in-the-wings-to-come-onstage-when-needed actors into the cast, and yes, they are fun! New animals too, YAY! I again thought this book was a little long – one or two crises could have been omitted without harm to plot or people. But I greatly enjoyed this book. If our heroine, Maggie McDonald, hadn’t been a Professional Organizer, I would still have enjoyed this book. I figured out whodunit, but second-guessed myself into thinking I was wrong – so the mystery element of her writing is still solid. And I’m growing remarkably fond of one of Ms. McDonald’s character flaws: a certain tenacious “But I don’t want that to be so” approach to problem-solving which, ummm, seems rather apt for Professional Organizers. But I don’t know that my colleagues would agree.


So, if you’re looking for some light reading while you’re lounging on the pool float…  

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