Severe Domestic Squalor

Severe Domestic Squalor is the title of a 2012, Cambridge University Press book written by John Snowdon, Graeme Halliday and Sube Banerjee. It’s exactly about its title, and not easy reading, mentally or emotionally. But over-acquiring and under-discarding tendencies can contribute to squalor. It serves me and some of my clients for me to understand it better.


The authors are highly-respected Australian and English clinicians. Their compassion for their patients is obvious from the first sentence of their Preface. The book is carefully, respectfully structured to walk readers through every aspect of the phenomena of extreme squalor, from its definition, to lived experience, to considerations of whether people existing in it suffer from mental illness, to the legal and ethical treatment of people who generate it in their environments.

Absolutely not something I would insist on people putting by the bedside. But remarkably valuable for people in the field.

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