Sharing the Unforgettable – The WE Movement

My son’s school adheres to the principles of, and is a fierce participating member in, the WE Movement.

Me into WE

We is Everyone

We Are the Change

We Are a Global Community

I am WE


Simple, even childish. 12,300 schools in North America and the UK, involving 1,000s of students, teachers, neighbors, friends, colleagues, families:


Empower 1,500 female Kenyan and South American entrepreneurs. Give 140,000 students leadership training each year. Give a million people clean water. Maintain anti-bullying programs. Work on homelessness. Teach literacy. Feed people. provides free resources to implement its programs and generously brings a crowning yearly celebration to cities throughout its “territories,” an unforgettable morning, 1/2 world-renowned inspirational speakers, 1/2 celebration of local youth, 1/2 LOUD rock concert with chart-topping performers. I was privileged to attend WE Day Seattle on Thursday 5-3-2018 with my son, some of his classmates and teachers. My son and his peers have visited seniors at an assisted living community, helped socialize animals at a shelter, cleaned trash from roadsides, tended a community garden, and budged mounds of rocks to build a playground in Nepal. They earned every second of Pete Carroll, Breanna Stewart, Jewell Loyd, Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and too many other people to list. Even I metamorphed into teenage lunatic when Rachel Platten closed the day with Fight Song. I LOVE THAT SONG. Thursday was a very lucky day for me, sharing something absolutely unforgettable with my son.

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