Sit in a chair

For the second time in the last few months, a client asked me to sit in a chair. For many clients who need organizing help, especially those with neurodiverse minds, especially especially maybe people with ADHD, some of the best support you can give them is to simply be present with them. It can be “active,” where maybe you read the papers they want to sort, summarize the content, hand them the papers and they file them according to what makes sense to them. Or your client is doing all the really hard keep/let go decision-making, and you’re cheerfully making up the donation boxes, getting stuff to the trash can. It can be “passive,” you just reading a book while your client pays the bills (Anne Blumer’s story, told to wide-eyed newbies). If you are careful, there are six distinctive methodologies for the work. And it’s HARD.


Sit in a chair. It’s becoming my thing (???).

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