Smallest Details & A Mom’s Love

The smallest details can make a huge difference for my clients: clear bins or opaque, color-coded manila folders or no folders at all, sort the spices by alphabet or cuisine…  It’s always about making my clients as independent, powerful and self-sufficient as possible.


I came across a Facebook post about Target offering Caroline’s CartCaroline's Cart in its stores and just had to trace the story further. The carts are explicitly built to hold older children and adults in a shopping cart in a seat similar to the seat for very young children. Those older “riders”  are typically special-needs individuals in the company of their caregivers, who might not otherwise be able to shop. Target is bringing carts to all of its stores. Other retailers from Fred Meyer here in Washington to the East Coast’s ShopRite offer them. The carts are joyfully received by families with differently-abled members. Quotes such as “This simple cart literally will change how we can shop, not having to worry as to how we are going to get [Savannah] into a store” on Target’s Facebook page are testimony to the impact of the “smallest” details.


Carolyn Long is a youngster with Rett Syndrome, a condition which affects every aspect of the life of someone suffering from it. Carolyn’s mother Drew Ann Long invented the cart because she refuses to leave her daughter out of everyday routines like shopping. I cannot adequately express my admiration for Ms. Long in her determination to comprehensively encourage and include her daughter. I enjoy, respect and care about my clients. But a Mom’s love outshines.

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